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A world of tulips

Y@H) In the national capital region spring is synonymous with the Canadian Tulip Festival. This year’s celebration runs until May 21 with the theme World of Tulips, which the Festival says stems from last year’s October visit to Ottawa of “tulipists” from among 34 countries, who participated in the 7th World Tulip Summit hosted by...
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Where to go birding close to Ottawa

By Katharine Fletcher From the Carp Hills (Carp Ridge) to Mud Lake to Presqu’ile (on Lake Ontario), there are many excellent birding destinations within or close to the City of Ottawa. Because of this biodiversity, we can see a variety of types of birds from year-round residents such as cardinals to rare species such as
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The artistic director of the Classic Theatre Festival

Why has a small town in Eastern Ontario become the Mecca for theatre productions bringing both amateur and professional performers to the stages of not one, but at least three venues? It has a lot to do with unleashing hidden talent already in the community, but also by bringing in performers well known to theatre,
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The Ottawa Mennonite Church

The Ottawa Mennonite Church (OMC) is a congregation of approximately 270 members. It began in 1959, when a number of Mennonite professionals, who had moved to the nation’s capital for work, began meeting together for worship in homes and schools. In the fall of 1960, the group purchased land on Kilborn Avenue, on the outskirts
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Wine, stunning scenery awaits Down Under

South Australia’s Barossa Valley and Flinders Ranges National Park By Katharine Fletcher “Would you like to try these wines before you decide which one to buy?” Our server at Adelaide’s trendy La Tapita Spanish bistro enquired. What a great idea! Who knew that restauranteurs would be so generous? But in Australia, my husband Eric and I
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Arts & Entertainment

Memories of growing up contest winners

The following submissions about growing up have won three lucky readers an autographed copy of of Mary Cook’s new book Reflections, The Best Job in the World. Bath night By Cindy St. Michael-Bennett The wind made a low howling sound, like a pack of hungry wolves. Snow blew relentlessly, the windows were glazed over with
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Mary Cook's Memories of the '30s

New shoes

By Mary Cook I was sick and tired of always having to wear boys shoes to the Northcote School. I had just turned seven, and thought it was high time I had store-bought shoes like my little friend Joyce. The boys’ shoes were handed down from the biggest of my three brothers to young Earl,
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Top facts about the regulation of charities

By The Canada Revenue Agency Charities play an important role in our society and provide valuable services to Canadians – including the most vulnerable. That is why the Government of Canada supports charities through unique tax privileges, such as an exemption from income tax and the ability to issue official donation receipts and receive gifts
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Healthy Living

Ontario government announces new programs for seniors in their communities

In a recent press release The Ontario Ministry of Seniors Affairs announced that nearly 250 new and innovative projects that will help seniors stay active and engaged are coming to communities across the province – part of Ontario’s plan to support care, create opportunity, and make life more affordable for seniors and their families. Minister
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Food and Nutrition

Health benefits of eating more beans

When you hear “superfood,” you may think avocados, blueberries or kale. But something you need to add to the list is beans, one of the most nourishing foods available. They’re an excellent energy source and can help fight cancer and heart disease. Learn more about the health benefits of versatile beans: Protein. When matched with
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