On The Cover

The Executive Director of Parrot Partner

Judith Tennant has devoted years to her interest in parrots. Her passion for these birds has led her not only to caring for them, but teaching others how to treat and develop special parrot skills. Mary Cook talked to Judith about her interest and where it has led her. Y@H: What got you interested in...
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The ins and outs of renovation warranties

(NC) When you hire a contractor to renovate or improve your home, there are many details that need to be spelled out in your work order or contract. These include a thorough description of the work to be done, the work schedule to be followed, and what amounts you will pay the contractor and when.
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Renovate with fire safety in mind

By Scott McGillivray (NC) The best time to improve the fire safety of your home is during its construction or when renovating. I’m a big believer in building fire protection directly into the structure of a home. After all, active fire measures, such as smoke detectors, combined with built-in or passive fire safety measures can
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Leaf peeping 101 in the Ottawa Region

By Katharine Fletcher Did you know that the annual autumn pilgrimage outdoors to gaze at colourful leaves actually has a name? Called “leaf peeping”, this activity sees us take to our cars, bicycles, and even our canoes and kayaks to appreciate the palette of crimson, scarlet, gold, orange and yes, even purple. Where to go?
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The most important question to ask before renovating

You’ve decided it’s time to move ahead with your long-planned renovation project. You’ve collected all sorts of great ideas and product pictures, visited the local home show and spent many hours online looking at what other homeowners have done in their projects. Now, you’re shopping for a professional contractor who will make it all happen.
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Arts & Entertainment

O is for Ottawa and O-Train! A is for Author and Artist

By Barbara Clubb Miriam Bloom is a model for active retirement.  Last year at 70, this longtime Ottawa resident, graphic artist, book designer and artist had her first painting exhibition. Now, after a career designing other people’s books and reports, she can add author to the list. She has produced her own book in collaboration
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Mary Cook's Memories of the '30s

Heading to the Ottawa Exhibition

By Mary Cook Imagine … we were going to the Ottawa Exhibition!  I couldn’t remember ever being so happy.  The biggest fair we had ever been at, of course, was the Renfrew Fair, and I knew this was ever so much more exciting. We were going thanks to Uncle Lou, who sent Mother money all
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Retirement planning quick start guide

By Investors Group Financial Services Inc Your retirement will be as unique as you are. Travel, sports, hobbies, family and friends… no one will combine their activities the exact same way. Here are six steps to help you achieve your unique retirement vision: 1. Conduct a retirement/income analysis:  Estimate your monthly retirement living expenses like
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Healthy Living

Breast awareness: no one knows your breasts as well as you do

By Women’s Health Matters For most women at average risk, Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) recommends a mammogram every two years from age 50 to age 74 to screen for breast cancer. Women ages 40 to 49 are advised to talk to their doctor about mammography to decide if they would benefit from screening. However, breast
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Food and Nutrition


Mushrooms, the perfect ingredient from breakfast to dinner (NC) Fresh mushrooms are delicious and versatile, making it easy to add them to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their rich, earthy flavour and meaty texture can add another level to your homemade dishes. Why not try them? A great way to start the day is with a
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