On The Cover

Scott Reid, MP for the riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston

Scott Reid has been a Federal Member of Parliament for almost two decades. Recently, he was awarded the “Best Civic Outreach Effort” at the 2017 Maclean’s Parliamentarian of the Year awards. All parties vote on the recipient, so it is never a party decision as to who is singled out. Mary Cook recently talked with...
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Christ Church Cathedral

By Garth Hampson In the year 2018, Christ Church Cathedral celebrated 185 years of a continuing journey, building a diverse and vibrant parish that glorifies God and welcomes all people. Its history goes back to the time of Col. John By and the building of the Rideau Canal. The first service was held on July
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Wine, stunning scenery awaits Down Under

South Australia’s Barossa Valley and Flinders Ranges National Park By Katharine Fletcher “Would you like to try these wines before you decide which one to buy?” Our server at Adelaide’s trendy La Tapita Spanish bistro enquired. What a great idea! Who knew that restauranteurs would be so generous? But in Australia, my husband Eric and I
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Deciding who to hire for your renovation

(NC) You’ve been planning your home renovation for months, attended all the home shows and spent countless hours online looking at inspiration boards and photos. You’ve also interviewed numerous contractors, checked their references and received written price quotes from those you are interested in hiring. Now it’s time to decide who will be doing the
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108 years and going strong!

Presenting current issues and celebrating Canadian History and Culture By The Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club In this era of quick fixes and disposable everything, isn’t it reassuring to know that some things can stand the test of time?  The Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club (OWCC) is proud of its history and contribution to Ottawa and Canada
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Arts & Entertainment

Memories of growing up contest winners

The following submissions about growing up have won three lucky readers an autographed copy of of Mary Cook’s new book Reflections, The Best Job in the World. Bath night By Cindy St. Michael-Bennett The wind made a low howling sound, like a pack of hungry wolves. Snow blew relentlessly, the windows were glazed over with
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Mary Cook's Memories of the '30s

April Fools’ day

By Mary Cook It was that time of year again … and I knew that I was going to be tricked.  I could never catch anyone in the family, but I was easy game when it came to April Fools’ Day. Because I was so easily fooled, and I never seemed to be able to
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Top facts about the regulation of charities

By The Canada Revenue Agency Charities play an important role in our society and provide valuable services to Canadians – including the most vulnerable. That is why the Government of Canada supports charities through unique tax privileges, such as an exemption from income tax and the ability to issue official donation receipts and receive gifts
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Healthy Living

Ontario government announces new programs for seniors in their communities

In a recent press release The Ontario Ministry of Seniors Affairs announced that nearly 250 new and innovative projects that will help seniors stay active and engaged are coming to communities across the province – part of Ontario’s plan to support care, create opportunity, and make life more affordable for seniors and their families. Minister
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Food and Nutrition

Health benefits of eating more beans

When you hear “superfood,” you may think avocados, blueberries or kale. But something you need to add to the list is beans, one of the most nourishing foods available. They’re an excellent energy source and can help fight cancer and heart disease. Learn more about the health benefits of versatile beans: Protein. When matched with
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