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The 50th Anniversary tour – The legend continues

At 5:30 a.m. on Easter Monday, April 9, 1917, the Battle of Vimy Ridge began. Through wind-driven snow and sleet, the first wave of 15,000-20,000 Canadian soldiers attacked directly into a barrage...
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Birding Presqu’ile

By Katharine Fletcher  “Oh my gosh! Look over there: there’s a rose-breasted grosbeak male and female, an indigo bunting, and several male yellow warblers!” With a gasp of delight, I grab my husband Eric’s arm. Can he get a photo, I murmur? We’re at one of Canada’s birding hotspots, Presqu’ile Provincial Park near Brighton, on
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Creating sustainable, beautiful landscapes

For most homeowners, the first signs of spring lead to thoughts of more time spent relaxing in their own backyard. If you’ve considered revamping your open-air landscapes, let this be your season to bring the elements of beauty and design to the environment. Homeowners who want to enhance both the aesthetics and efficiency of their
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Puppeteer Noreen Young

Think of puppets and you think of Noreen Young.  And then you think of the long-running Puppets Up Festival that brought thousands of people to the town of Almonte to see international puppeteers put on a show that ran successfully for a dozen years. Mary Cook talked with Noreen Young about her life as a
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Over The Back Fence

Volunteer Profile… When the town of Carleton Place honoured  Joan and Bob Bennett by naming them citizens of the year in 2016, there were lots of reasons to justify the choice.  The couple have dedicated their lives to helping others, and as active members of the Carleton Place branch of the Civitan Club, where Joan
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Arts & Entertainment

Must-read books that make you proud to be Canadian

(NC) The Trillium Book Award is celebrating 30 years of honouring Ontario authors by sharing a must-read list of novels and short stories from the province’s top literary talent. The Withdrawal Method  Pasha Malla 2009 Trillium Book Award winner In The Withdrawal Method, Pasha Malla’s remarkably inventive short stories grant us entry into intriguing worlds. Follow
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Mary Cook's Memories of the '30s

Chrissy’s coat

By Mary Cook Mother thought that it was God’s blessing that Aunt Edith didn’t have any children – they would have gotten short shift. That was because all her attention was lavished on her big orange cat, and a dog the size of a minute by the name of Chrissy. The dog came from a
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10 tips to avoid scams

(NC) Believing you’re immune to becoming a target of fraud is one of the biggest money mistakes you can make. Victims come from all walks of life and fraudsters are increasingly sophisticated, creating tricky new scams online, over the phone and in person. “By recognizing, rejecting and reporting scams, consumers can protect themselves and assist
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Healthy Living

The mental health benefits of exercise

By Women’s Health Matters A good workout doesn’t just benefit your physical fitness. Exercise also has a positive effect on mental health, providing benefits that range from improving sleep to easing anxiety. Research has shown that exercise is beneficial for everyone’s mental health, whether or not they have a mental illness. For those with conditions
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Food and Nutrition

Make beans a part of your healthy diet

(NC) Beans are part of the superfood family known as pulses, which also includes chick peas, lentils and dry peas. It’s commonly known that beans are good for you — but do you know how good? Here are five reasons to include more beans in your diet. 1. Beans may fight cancer. Research by Dr.
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