A woman and her world of music

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(Y@H) Nana Mouskouri’s Forever Young Tour is said to be “a new journey, going back to the beginnings through the waters of youth. Dreams do not wither – neither do songs. They are bubbles of eternity embracing our memories, the soundtrack of our lives.”

The Greek legend continues to wow admirers around the world wherever she performs. And with an estimated four hundred million copies sold, Mouskouri is among the top twenty-five recording artists of all time.

Mouskouri has been touring successfully since the ‘60s. And Forever Young brings us many of her most beautiful songs … Song for Liberty, The White Rose of Athens, Soleil Soleil, etc. The woman who once said that music was her first love, has no intention of ending her career.  And she dedicates her inspiration to the artists she’s met along the road, people from countless countries, who taught her to love words and notes.

“No matter what you want to achieve, all that counts is the way to get there. Why, how and with whom you travel,” she claims. A progress in love and music, a way to learn and understand, a course to be served and honoured.

She is affable and smiling, simple and sweet, at once cheerful and grave. Her long sentences are winding and emotional, her phrasing draws on several languages and the almost childish elocution is a distinguishing feature of hers. This poetry full of tenderness has become her language of peace. Her purpose is vast, spirited and philosophical, and her speech might twist and turn, yet it leads steadfastly to a single destination, a sacred temple: Music. Music is the alpha and omega of her existence, her very DNA.

As a singer, Mouskouri has always strived for the right word, the absolute meaning, the unadorned truth, when calling up that fate which took her far further than she could have imagined. The destiny of a Greek girl, a war child born in destitution, who could not even picture such incredible countries at the other end of the world, the foreign languages she would be speaking, the millions of records she would sell, and the looks of so many admirers upon her.

“I just wanted to sing, you know…” she says, as if surprised by her good fortune –  she all but apologizes for all the glory, she feels a trifle guilty, and obsessed with the huge responsibility that fell to her: to serve music unfailingly.

A life without singing is quite simply inconceivable. Music is not a choice, it is not just a passion, it is her very self.  The stage is her land of welcome and her only way in life. Each show is a port of call that transforms her. The life of a woman singer is a crossing she shares with so many travelling companions: the audiences who welcome her, the musicians who follow her on the road, the composers and songwriters who feed her.

Nana Mouskouri will bring her Forever Young Tour to the National Arts Centre on May 14.

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