Looking for love? Meet a modern-day matchmaker

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Misty River Introductions is a matchmaking service for people who are looking for long-term relationships. Mary Cook talked to Linda Miller about why and how she began what has grown into one of the most popular matchmaking services in the country.

Y@H: When did it all begin?

LM: I was always good at matching up people even as a young adult. I would meet someone and instantly be able to tell they were a perfect match for another friend. I had a number of engagements to my credit by the time I was finished college. I had a dream that I was a matchmaker and was doing it for a living. I told my sister and she said you should do it, you would be great at it. The rest is history.

That being said, the first number of years I was running a charity not a business, as it took that long to get a critical mass of people that would allow me to start charging for my service.

Y@H: Why did you start Misty River Introductions?

LM: I started because I thought it would be something I would love doing. I also love the people. I get to meet fascinating people and help to change their lives for the better. Nothing could be more rewarding.

Y@H: What was it like in the beginning?

LM: The beginning of running a business like this was a very steep learning curve. Initially, I really didn’t know who I could match and who I couldn’t. There was no matchmaking school I could go to, so I invented everything from the ground up.

Y@H: Who is looking for your service?

LM: It seems to be predominantly people 25 to late 80s. Obviously, people that come to me are more serious than you would find online. They have made a financial commitment to meeting someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

Y@H: What is the process of matching up your clients?

LM: I meet everyone in person to, first of all, make sure that we have what they are looking for in sufficient numbers. I also like get to know them a little bit and get to know who they are and an idea of who they might be suited to.

Y@H: How often do the introductions go on to longer relationships?

LM: 75% of our matches lead to a significant relationship.

Y@H: Do you get much feedback from those you were able to match up?

LM: We check in periodically, often for years after, just to see how things are going.

Y@H: Is there one particular age group looking for your service?

LM: We get people of all ages and demographics. The Ottawa area has a lot of busy professionals. When you’re working, raising kids, doing activities, you can find looking for a partner a bit daunting. Misty River Introductions does the leg work for you and the cost alone is a qualifier. People in retirement age or looking to retire are also a big demographic for us. Many people work their whole life for a great retirement and then find themselves unable to enjoy it after loosing a spouse.

Y@H: Do you have certain restrictions as far as taking on new clients is concerned?

LM: We have to have at least a hundred people who meet a client’s basic criteria, as we like to be able to match them most weeks while they are with us.

Y@H: Have you any way of measuring your success rate?

LM: We consider someone who has been in a relationship six months to a year as having achieved success in the service.

Y@H: Do you have equal numbers of female and males looking for a relationship?

LM: We do because of intensive management of our database. For instance we do the Women’s Show each year and to balance the new clients we get from that, we advertise in Bounder magazine which is a men’s magazine in the Ottawa area.

Y@H: What advice can you give to those out there who are lonely and looking for someone to share their life with?

LM: Be open. You are never going to know who you are going to end up with from looking at a picture or hearing a profile. Meeting, talking and giving people a chance, give you the best chance to be successfully matched.

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