Deciding who to hire for your renovation

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(NC) You’ve been planning your home renovation for months, attended all the home shows and spent countless hours online looking at inspiration boards and photos. You’ve also interviewed numerous contractors, checked their references and received written price quotes from those you are interested in hiring. Now it’s time to decide who will be doing the job.

Once you have met with the contractors who are bidding on your job, you should review each set of bid documents carefully. Compare every aspect of their bids –  the description of the work, specifications (materials and products), price and allowances, deposit and payment milestones, project schedule and any additional recommendations or ideas.

While overall price is important, it is only one factor. Many homeowners who have successfully completed major home renovations speak about the importance of peace of mind and working with a renovator they trust and feel confident in.

If you have a particularly strong sense of confidence in one of the renovators, they are probably your best choice, even if their price is not the lowest. In the end, you should choose the renovator based on your sense of the overall value they can provide.

If any prospective contractors suggest they can offer a better price if you pay them in cash and skip the paperwork, you should eliminate them from further consideration. They are essentially saying they cheat on their taxes and lie to the government, and you shouldn’t expect they will treat you any better. You may also be implicated in future

Before you hire a contractor, get informed. The Canadian Home Builder’s Association offers free unbiased information on how to hire a contractor the smart and safe way. Find more information at

How do you know who’s a reno pro?

For anyone planning a home renovation or improvement, finding the right contractor for your project can be bewildering. You want someone who knows what they are doing, has the track record to prove it, and a lot of happy clients to back this up.

Professional contractors who deliver great results are in business for the long term. They aren’t just folks who are handy with tools and have some free time. This is what they do for a living, and their reputation matters to them. Contractors building a legitimate business tend to invest in their network, usually by becoming a member of the local Home Builders’ Association.

Today, professional contractors are also joining RenoMark, the national program that aims to set the real pros apart. To qualify, a contractor must agree to always provide clients with a proper written contract, carry adequate business liability insurance and offer a two-year warranty on their work, among other conditions.

You can find a contractor associated with this program in your community by going to

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