Cornerstone Wesleyan Church

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At 9am on Sat. June 2, Cornerstone Wesleyan Church saw hundreds and hundreds of people swarm into the parking lot, grab a (free) coffee before browsing the (free) yard sale.  After sending their kids to the (free) epic bouncy castle / assault course, the parents enjoyed a (free) BBQ while listening to (free) live music. When the car was clean from the (free) car wash, they loaded the vehicle up with their new (free) acquisitions and headed home. The crowds didn’t let up until 2pm.

Cornerstone loves being part of The Big Give (, partnering with 130 other churches across Canada in showing God’s generous and loving heart.

Located in North Gower, Cornerstone is all about KNOW, GROW and SHOW. Through practical love and the good news of the Bible, Cornerstone invites people to know Jesus, to grow in Jesus and to show Jesus to others. Whether it’s through the Girls Craft Club, the Boys’ Lego Club or Momentum Youth group, Cornerstone provides a positive influence in North Gower and surrounding area.

The church welcomes all people, from singles and young families to senior citizens. If you were to walk in on a Sunday morning at 10am, you would see a wide cross-section of ages and backgrounds, from farmers to white collar city workers, from the faithful to the skeptical. A Rural Ottawa South Support Services group ( meets at Cornerstone on Thursdays, while an AA group meets on Saturday evenings.

Cornerstone started out as North Gower Standard Church, a single-story clapboard building with a box stove for heating and a pine floor. A horse shed was located directly behind the church building. By 1960, growth led to the church moving from its initial location (the site of Mulligan’s Grocery Store on 4th Line) to its current location on Prince of Wales Drive. In 1992, a fire decimated the building.  The rebuild was completed in August of 1993 and reopened for God’s work on Oct. 3, 1993.

Cornerstone is a gospel-centred, outward-focused church, investing their time and finances to bring hope to others; whether that means freeing people embroiled in the sex trade in Cambodia, planting churches in Burkina Faso and Ghana, reaching out to students in Copenhagen or meeting the daily needs of the inner-city homeless in Edmonton. And it’s not just the people ‘over there’ that Cornerstone cares for. This family-friendly church loves their community: providing a safe hub during floods or ice-storms, delivering frozen meals or firewood to the needy and hosting international students for meals

Led by ‘almost-Canadian’ Dan Wallis (he’s from Wales), Cornerstone is full of imperfect people who are still on a journey. What’s important is that they travel together, attempting to walk by faith in Jesus’ footsteps. If you don’t have a church home, they’d love to see you at 10am this Sunday!

For more information, check out  To see what they get up follow the hashtag #northgowercornerstone. Cornerstone is located at 6560 Prince of Wales Drive, North Gower, ON, K0A 2T0

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