Top five reasons patients love home healthcare

Sep 14th, 2018 | By | Category: Healthy Living

(NC) There are more and more easy and effective options for managing your care at home, especially if you have a chronic disease that needs monitoring. And, according to a new survey done with the support of Canada Health Infoway, patients give OTN’s Telehomecare program a definite thumbs up.

Telehomecare, an intensive health coaching and home monitoring program of the Ontario Telemedicine Network for people with chronic lung disease or heart failure, consistently gets top ratings from patients.
The program, free to patients and delivered through Local Health Integration Networks, provides easy-to-use equipment for use in the comfort of home.

Patients can measure their vital signs daily and answer simple questions about how they’re feeling. Specially trained clinicians monitor the data and get in touch with the patient at the first sign of a worsening condition.

The program also provides personalized weekly phone coaching to help patients make the connection between habits and health to prepare patients and their caregivers to self-manage their symptoms and conditions.

A total of 134 patients who use Telehomecare to manage their chronic condition were recently polled in the 2018 online Patient Experience Survey. Here are their reported top five benefits of Telehomecare:

Coaching: Patients gave high marks to the customized coaching of Telehomecare that helped them meet their own personal health and life goals.

Technology: Tied with coaching as the number one benefit of the program, 96 per cent of patients said that the technology provided by the Telehomecare program was very easy to use.

Condition management: 93 per cent of patients reported that Telehomecare better allowed them to manage their condition in the most comfortable and familiar environment — home.

Reduced travel time: 86 per cent of patients surveyed indicated that managing their care at home reduced time spent travelling to see a healthcare provider.

Reduced visits to the ER: 81 per cent of patients said that they had less need to visit the emergency room, thanks to the monitoring and greater confidence in being able to self-manage at home.

More than 11,000 Ontarians have benefited from Telehomecare. Find more information online at or call 1-855-991-8191.

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