Ashton United Church

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By Linda Guetta

Ashton United Church is located in the village of Ashton, just inside the Township of Beckwith. We are a small congregation that reflects the traditions of our rural ties, while looking into the future. We are committed to sharing our gifts and resources as we are led by the Spirit to serve and to proclaim Christ’s message of faith, peace and love.

The building was a former Methodist church. We have beautiful stained glass windows dedicated to past members of our congregation. The pews are in a semi-circle with two aisles to the communion table, choir area and pulpit. Our fellowship room and kitchen were additions in the nineties.

Currently, we host a popular Tuesday morning drop-in from 8 a.m. to noon. The Ashton General Store closed and the Post Office was moved to group boxes a number of years ago. Worried that the community no longer had a gathering place to socialize outside of their homes, members of the congregation partnered with members of the local Anglican church to host the weekly drop-in. Numbers have grown and we now offer a full breakfast on the first Tuesday of the month with local musicians coming once a month to provide a lively jam session.

This year we are adding a Family Dinner Night, the suggestion came from our young families. Our Sunday School has seven children under six and the parents requested some social time to get to know each other outside of Sunday worship. The plan is to come to the church around 4:30 for games and social time. Dinner will be served around 5:30. Parents can then take the children home for bath and bed while leaving the mess behind. Our first event will be Oct. 13 and we welcome everyone.

This fall we have partnered with the “Living Water, Healing Streams” ministry to offer a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings from Sept. 5 to Nov. 7 from 9:30 to 11:30. This program encourages Christians to reframe their lives by connecting faith and life. The program is open to everyone and you do not need to attend all sessions in order to participate

We are part of the Ashton-Munster pastoral Charge with our sister church being in Munster. As a result, services in Ashton alternate between 9:30 and 11. The alternating schedule works well for the early risers and those who prefer to sleep in, enabling them to attend the service time of their choice. Sunday School is offered to those who find the hour service too long to sit still (although members of the congregation enjoy the company of little voices).

Recently Ashton United Church has been awarded a grant from the United Church “Embracing the Spirit” innovation program. The monies will help purchase equipment to maintain the programs we currently offer and provide start-up funds for new events.

We are a family-friendly congregation. If you are church shopping please drop in and check us out. For service times or other information call Linda at 613-257-7761.

We look forward to meeting you!


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