Innovative Memory Care and Assisted Living at Carleton Place Terrace

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For seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias, the Moments® Memory Care program at Carleton Place Terrace can be a godsend to them and their families. Developed by Symphony Senior Living, Moments® incorporates extensive data and cutting edge research from leading organizations such as The Alzheimer’s Society, Women’s Brain Health Institute and many others in an effort to provide the best possible memory care program. It is based on many prevailing practices which are known to reduce symptoms of dementia and reduce the use of psychotropic drugs.

Lisa Brush, the founder of Symphony Senior Living states “We developed our program to meet the unique needs of seniors at all stages of Alzheimer’s, dementia or other forms of memory impairment.
We seek to be in the resident’s world, in their “moment”, providing a comfortable and enjoyable place for them to feel safe, in control and appreciated. The approach is very unique and allows our residents to feel content and calmer by minimizing confusion, agitation and frustration. We can see the difference it makes every day.”

The “Oasis” Assisted Living Program at Carleton Place Terrace is also unique. Caregivers are available for residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and staffing levels are determined by the number of residents and their care needs. The higher the numbers, the more staff is put in place.  This ensures the resident’s needs are fully met and offers tremendous peace of mind for residents and family members alike.

The Wellness Coordinator at Carleton Place Terrace notes that “As needs change over time, residents may increase the amount of support needed to maintain their wellbeing and independence. Our care team will complete a full health assessment to establish how to optimally meet each residents’ needs. Our first priority is to assist our residents to maintain their maximum level of wellness and independence”.

At Carleton Place Terrace, family and friends are an integral part of every senior’s life. There are many comfortable places to enjoy visitors and family time together. Whether you’re dropping in for coffee and a snack, enjoying a leisure activity or sharing a delicious meal together, there are so many ways to experience life at Carleton Place Terrace.

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